About training

An experienced staff teaches you required knowledge and
skills what you need. If you don’t have any experience,
an experienced staff instructs you through the practical work.


Example of training item

About prevent infection

We mainly study basic knowledge regarding preventing infection, influenza, norovirus
and legionella. Additionally how to deal with infected person.

About accident prevention and risk management

Study basic knowledge of risk management and we will show you how to prevent
accidents in caregiving.

Protection of the human rights and abuse

Learn about what caregiving what caregivers have to know such as caregiving ethics
and how to provide a good quality of caregiving service as a professional. In addition
learn about abuse and what care is inappropriate.

About dementia

Learn about basic knowledge of dementia and how to deal with those people affected
by it.

About assessment(PDCA cycle)

As profession, we learn that practice of base-based care is important and perform
training abouthow to make care plan.

About management

We also train people who want to be a leader, consultant or care support specialist in
the future


We train you to solve the problems which we have faced new subject and problems
in the care scene,

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