For those who need a job

L&P temporary staffing agency department

Even if you don’t have any qualifications or experience, we provide you with an
individual training course. We also provide you the best suited job, which can
strengthen skills and improve your life.

Flow to dispatch

  • STEP1 Contact L&P Co.Ltd by e-mail or phone.

    Please feel free to ask us anything!
    Here is a job registration.

  • STEP2 Job interview and counseling

    Come to the office for an interview with one of our experienced staff and consult
    which job suits you best.

  • STEP3 Job decision

    We provide an appropriate job for you.

  • STEP4 Training

    Training to provide you with the skills requested before you start work.
    About training

  • STEP5 Start work

    Start working at your desired work place.

Our track record for jobs

Job types caregiving, nursing, office work, cleaning etc.
Working area Kyoto city, Uji city, Joyo city etc.
Salary hourly wage 900yen~1700yen (depends on job type)
Good points We employ foreigners (student visa, working holiday visa, long term resident visa, permanent visa )
There are a lot of chances interact with L&P staff. For example BBQ party, go to sightseeing, X’mas party etc.
Once you resist L&P and work with us, you love it!!
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About training

  • An experienced staff teaches you required knowledge and skills what you need.
  • If you don’t have any experience, an experienced staff instructs you through the practical work.
About training

※ If the line is busy, please tell us desired time to contact through email.
We will call you back.