For those who are looking for share house

L&P share house

Our share house is that we accept any people regardless of age, sex or nationality and
we want to create a great community through various experiences.
Residents need to be considerate of others because there are shared facilities and
equipment in the share house. People that live in the share house are from all around
the world so there is the opportunity for cultural exchange.

Available share house

How to move into share house?

  • STEP1 Contact us by e-mail or telephone.

    Feel free to ask us anything!!
    Here is entry form.

  • STEP2 Preview a room

    Anytime you can come to preview a room. Please make an appointment in advance.

  • STEP3 Decision a share house and make a contract

    We will explain you details of share house in the office or share house.

  • STEP4 Start share house life

    Enjoy your share house life.

※ If the line is busy, please tell us desired time to contact through email.
We will call you back.