Feedback from workers

This is a message from a person registered with L&P Co.Ltd.
If you are considering using it, please refer to it.

I was complete nursing inexperience, but work as well as training for 2 days even supported
assistance and consultation in everything after it started.
Even an inexperienced person like me can work surely by the favor.
It also becomes kind of office hours, and you can give advice.
Very well, the atmosphere of the workplace can also be learned happily every day.
I can think this L&P was fine for first nursing experience.
The person who is inexperienced and takes an interest in nursing thinks I hope that you begin from right or wrong L&P.

You did the training for 2 days after I registered with L&P. Every knowledge was I who is also inexperienced, but a head in a training destination was
man-to-man and even told me a reason why I had to do that while practicing one by one.
It was possible to see the form of the lady who also does guidance clearly nearby, and it
became wonderful in study. Because everything was first experience, it was often confused
and had hardened as expected, but the staff came and answered immediately at that time.
I think if you can know this industry a little while communicating with the user’s one now.

I was working as a part-time staff by day service.
I’d like to add to my experience at the location besides the day service.
It was registered.

Because resistance was felt in dispatch, but you can work by your pace.
It might be registered♪

Because a general manager of a division is the person who tends to speak at
a very direct way.
Because you also ask me anxiety at a dispatch destination tightly.
You can work surely.

Because knowledge* of nursing is also very experienced.
☆ You’re telling variously

Because there is also steady training.
Even an inexperienced person is OK.

If a staff increases.
It’s good, of which I think

Let’s work together!

The general manager of a division who was here by a head ahead of my delegate before. You were a dispatch supporter at present, and there was a relationship, and it was to be able to
accompany again in this way (*^^*)

I’m always really cheerful and considerate of everyone, and the person who can also respect
trust from the‼ others who tends to speak for nursing technology, how to touch with the
users and everything hot, p (^-^) q
I’m glad sincerely that the relationship matched such one again.

A salon is also the atmosphere just like the house which has no formal feeling at all cozily,
a child went to a registration meeting together, too, to the extent children called it “it was fun and, to which they would like to go again”, too, warai.

Thank you very much for your wonderful relationship really this time.
It’s very pleasant that a member of team L&P is increasing (*^^*)